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Farewell HellBull

Today is a rather sad day in the Lordi fandom for me, it’s the end of an era and a departure of one of my favourite members.

OX Sexorcism

Before the summer even started, I discovered that OX, Lordi’s long-time bassist was going to be leaving after the end of the summer festivals.

I’m pretty upset that OX is leaving because he is one of my favourite bass plays aside from Gene Simmons and Par Sundstrom to name a few. He was in Lordi for so long since 2006 and it seemed like he found his place where he belonged. But people change and being in Lordi is like a lifestyle, not a casual thing you do on the sidelines. His look for this era was the strongest and Sexorcism over all I thought was a great album that I underestimated before first listen.

I respect OX’s decision and I will always remember the night I saw his wicked bass solo and got strangled by him despite my mind going blank. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors and I really hope the next era looks just as authentic and the management actually thinks about fans where I am once again. This Monsterlady is tired of having to wait around!

I have made a couple of friends in the fandom who are huge fans of OX and I can imagine this is difficult for them as well.


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