Unnatural Waters

I wanted to have a nice vivid dream before going back to work today.

Also wait, what’s this new feature on the WordPress app? Is this some kind of way to separate my paragraphs? What a strange feature. Anyway, this will remind you of how swimming is like in the Kirby games. Water could be a cube floating in the center of a meadow and you can jump and swim in it from any angle.

It began when one of my friends was teasing me that there was some kind of launch of a Bionicle animated series. Something that I would pay all I’ve got to see in real life, taking place preferably before the events of Mask of Light. The first season could be the Toa Mata and they evolve into the Nuva come the second season.

Anyway, I’m getting a little too ahead of myself, it turns out that that is not what this dream was really about. I was browsing this shop that looked like an aquarium. There were these massive cubes of water just floating off the floor enclosed in curtains. You could buy one, but the fish you had to get separately.

I took my chances and bought one. It was placed on the driveway of my house, but I could only afford one fish: A catfish. I would jump into the floating water cube and swim all around it because it was the closest thing to actually flying. The catfish would sit at the bottom until I entered and it would swim quickly and attach itself to me. Many times I had jumped out, only to discover it there on my shoulder or wrist. I would pick it up and it would squirm as I put it back in the water.

I could have sworn that this dream also had a part that took place in that hall of mirrors from Ella Enchanted, but I don’t remember enough detail.

Well, that was my first post using WordPress’ new editing tool. Nifty. Let’s see what else it can do, when I’m not listening to this DS soundtrack. Seriously, fantasy video games have the best OSTs.


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