I Met Mr. Death This Morning

He offered me a ride,

I said I think I’m not quite ready yet,

To travel by your side..

I haven’t really been talking about how I’m doing with my current Darksiders II play-through. I did that so much with its predecessor and whenever I get into a new gaming franchise that I end up like, really enjoying, I talk about it a LOT before I publish my official review of the game.

I’m just so engrossed in the game you could say I’m binge playing a little since I’ve been limiting my social media because it’s nothing but virus and social-distancing memes and news now when I’m not at work. It’s a subject I would prefer to only talk about at work. I’ve also been working a lot and mainly clearing a backlog of other blog posts, so that’s why I haven’t thought to write something like this yet.

My favourite picture of him

So, how’s Death? Well, I gotta say he’s an ultra-cool mofo. I love him, but I don’t love LOVE him like I do with his brother War (yet!). We’re having a grand time together in the Forge Lands and the Kingdom of the Dead so far.

I was expecting him to be cold and a loner but no, he’s nothing like that. He’s sarcastic and has a compassionate side too. I can’t get enough of his voice either since it’s the one and only Michael Wincott who does the honors. The moment I heard him speak, I was like, it’s Scroop! He’s also Canadian too which makes me happy as a clam.

I’m exploring every nook and cranny of this game and find it a little less as vast as other RPGs that offer, but I’m still exploring anyway and listening to the amazing soundtrack while at it. You might just catch something from it at my end-of-the-month music post this month!

Definitely loving this game as much as the first one, and I have exciting news to share: I’ll be bringing Death home! I’ve made some space on my shelf and he’ll be going beside War. (who knows, maybe I’ve made enough space for the other two Horsemen as well) I used to only buy figurines and statues of characters I’m madly in love with, but Death is just lovable enough to make me want to do just that.

He will be my birthday present this year and it’s just what I need right now.


2 thoughts on “I Met Mr. Death This Morning”

    1. War remains my favorite, but Death is a badass too. If you think he’s cool then you might like Fury. I’ll be writing about her when I get to the third game.

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