Rebuilding Chicago

Imagine being in Dark of the Moon, ah the memories. The truth is I still have a soft spot for those Transformers films because it was there did that love for the franchise blossom.

It’s Peter Cullen’s birthday as I write this, happy birthday Peter and thank you as always for bringing to life one of the most influential characters ever.

This is a dream where after the final battle in Chicago, I was the only human helping the Autobots recover. Of course, how the hell could I make that scenario better? The final battle in Chicago in this film is an absolute joke. For general action movie enthusiasts it’s popcorn-worthy but for actual Transformers fans there are so many things wrong with it and I was blindly going into it in my teen years because of my love for it back then: Heavy focus on the military which wasn’t necessary and Optimus dangling out of action for more than half of its run-time are the two main ones.

In this dream I had been a long time friend to the Autobots but unlike Sam Witwicky, I was always willing to drop everything to support them immediately if they needed it that I was living at their base and well the rest you know, I’m close to Optimus!

In the ruins of the city, the traitor Sentinel Prime had been defeated and Megatron had retreated. (I have read three different book adaptations of the film, two novels and one comic where Optimus spares him instead which I think was way better than him just ruthlessly ripping his head off). I was bunking down in a bomb shelter until the fight was over as I refused to evacuate like the other humans had.

When there was silence, I crawled out and ran for the bridge and saw Optimus looming remorsefully, his right arm severed, over the dead Sentinel. I asked him if he was all right and he turned to me saying he just had to put down his own mentor. I stepped away to give him space and then Ironhide walked over.

Yes in this dream I’m retconning his death because he is my second favorite Autobot and killing him off was horribly wrong. He said he had found something to help and handed me a torch-like gun. Ratchet also arrived with bigger one and approached Optimus saying they needed his help. They had a choice to either help the city rebuild or leave like humanity would expect them to. I said I would gladly stand to speak for my people and saw a concerned look on the face of Optimus. He was definitely worried that I was taking a risk and that all the other humans would hate me too but I looked at him with reassurance.

Ratchet then used the device saying it was one of Wheeljack’s inventions to reattach Optimus’s severed arm, and he picked up Sentinel’s corpse and tossed it into the water over the bridge. Ratchet told me to take the device and aim at one of the small ruined buildings. I did so and pulled the trigger. Debris suddenly rose from the ground and stuck to the building in the exact places it fell like it was rebuilding itself.

When I asked, Ratchet said Wheeljack wanted it to be his last invention if he were to die on Earth and suggested I try it on some of the roads. I started skipping down the street firing the gun at any collateral damage as streetlights straightened out. Optimus, still saddened by the loss, watched me and managed to smile, then asked Ratchet how many more of those he had. Then when he obtained one, he called out to me and I stopped to wait for him, he said he could move on quickly but what he could do was help me as he knelt down and offered a hand. I sat on it and placed me on his shoulder, we then continued down the streets of Chicago rebuilding with the new invention hoping it would allow the rest of humanity to forgive us.

That’s my dream for today, I’ve had better Transformers ones, but this one could have made the movie much better.


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