Terminator, Abductor, and Serpent

I’ve forced myself to wear earplugs to bed because my ceiling fan makes too much noise. Along with an eye mask, because my bedroom is just not dark enough! Too many needs!

So, this was definitely an epic vivid dream with a crossover of fandoms where I had to escape numerous times, only to be hunted again.

It started with me living in a house with q handmaid, who beared similarities to Offred from The Handmaid’s Tale. I hated how they treated her behind closed doors. Our house was located in a steampunk city with many industrial parks.

On the night I witnessed the handmaid being tortured in a brutal way which I will not mention, I ran away and found myself lost in crowd in one of the weirdest museums ever: rolling walls and waterparks where you could drop several meters into the deep pool from different slides. There was also a hot tub, ice cream stand, and a hive with honey treats but you had to be careful not to touch it for too long because the stings could cause you to hallucinate, like tracker jacker stings.

I think they looked more like fish than bees!

Anyway, this is the part where the dream gets intense. Just as I was about to get on one of the slides, the large window broke and a massive golden serpent-like machine with a glass eye burst through and its lasers were locked straight onto me. From inside it, I could see several cyborgs of T-800s and TX’s. Since when does Skynet make something like this, and why were they targeting me?

My Dragon Master OC is not affiliated with Skynet’s enemies! It began firing on other people to zero in on me and I climbed over the pools and ledges to try and get past them while they were distracted. I soon took flight leaping out the window and my wings helped me get away fast. I dusted myself off to try and knock off any sort of tracking device they may have left as I flew through the industrial parks to the ocean.

For a while, I was passing islands and then open ocean and felt free like I had lost my pursuer. But then small whirlpools began to appear and several ships emerged from them with Megatron leading on the largest. It’s unusual how they were kept afloat by the maelstrom. I tried to veer past it, but a metal tentacle reached and grabbed me, and encased me in a cage with another one.

Megatron laughed looking through the cage taunting me. But knowing him, he always had motives to keep a prisoner alive until fulfilling his task. Unlike terminators, who just kill the target immediately. As the ship moved past the islands again, suddenly the serpent popped out of the water again and took aim at me. Megatron ordered his Decepticons to fend it off but not before it managed to destroy the cage I was trapped in, causing whatever monster (probably Shockwave’s driller from Dark of the Moon) to retreat into the water.

Left with a choice: let the terminators kill me right away or stay as Megatron’s hostage and live a little longer since we now had a common enemy, I called out to Megatron to kidnap me, to get me away from the terminators.

Megatron was shocked by the answer but agreed and then grabbed me and we plunged into the water rapidly pursued by the serpent. He eventually entered a grotto with some magic seal that would continue to grow back no matter how many times you tried to break it.

Megatron set me down and summoned all his strength to push back the serpent along with boosting the seal’s power. Soon, the serpent could no longer take it an it exploded. But then, that only proved that I wasn’t completely out of danger because that was when Megatron turned on me the moment he defeated our mutual enemy.

Pretty vivid eh? Well, that’s what you should expect from me, when it comes to these dreams!


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