How to be a Broken Record

People can be difficult to deal with on a regular basis. It infuriates me a lot when I can't reach a compromise with someone, whether it's at work, home, or anywhere. I hate being lectured and one of the challenges I face is that once someone starts that, my brain is immediately compelled to switch… Continue reading How to be a Broken Record


What To Say Next – Outlook On My Life

At first, I hesitated as to whether I should review this book while I was still reading it, but as I reached its end, I realized I did have something that I wanted to say about it. This is not the first book I have read by an author on the spectrum, the first was… Continue reading What To Say Next – Outlook On My Life


Learning to Drive with Anxiety

It's time I touch base on this. I've finally made a commitment to getting my driver's license and will finish the process this time. I remember having thoughts that I didn't need to drive, but as time went by, I grew tired of public transit where I had to sit waiting for buses or trains… Continue reading Learning to Drive with Anxiety


We Need More Disability Activism

The month of June is Pride Month as you all know. There are pride flags, parades, and even painted crosswalks. But even when it's not June, the coverage is still constant. I do support the rights of that community 100%, but you know what I would really like to see? The same celebrations and activism… Continue reading We Need More Disability Activism


End The R-Word

There are many words in the dictionary that sound outrageous that I never use them, but one word, in particular, stands out that I came to despise once I realized how it was being used in a derogatory way. The word is retard(ed). There I said it, that is the only time I will type… Continue reading End The R-Word


Why You Should Not Support Autism Speaks

Well, here we are. “Autism Awareness Month.” The time of year in which talks about autism will permeate well into the public consciousness. One of the larger organizations you will see leading the charge this month is one called Autism Speaks. This is rather unfortunate, as Autism Speaks is a charity that is loathed by the autistic… Continue reading Why You Should Not Support Autism Speaks