Titans of Justice

I must write quickly, so maybe consider this a little update.

First, I must give myself a pat on the back for not spending so much money this month. Today marks only the second package I received from an online order. I kind of owe it to school for distracting me from shopping so much. What can I say, this is a sacrifice I am willing to make, in order to get good grades.

In case you’re wondering, the first package was the second half of my Fenty Beauty splurge from Sephora (the other half I bought in-store), with that being said, that splurge made me hit Rouge status and now I’ve decided that I definitely have enough this time. Wish me luck in trying to only buy what has to be replenished for the next several months!

Before I go out tonight to swing to the symphony of destruction and rock like a hurricane, I’ll just share a little haul from Amazon that came in this afternoon!

What is better, multiple packages, or one big one with more than one thing within?

When I was feeling stressed with some of my work, my parents said I should go buy something online which shocked me. Not once have they ever complained about the number of packages I receive per month, but still I never thought that encouragement would come my way. I recognize I need to cut back, and now I already seem to be making progress.

The book’s title is deliberately misspelled, and my mom thought I might be interested. It’s a graphic novel: An alien who is an outcast among his own kind is sent to study the planet Earth. I have a good feeling about it, and can’t wait to read it.
After seeing Wonder Woman, I loved it so much that I had to get a copy. I will definitely be writing about the movie here now. Even though I have purchased The Hunchback of Notre Dame on my account so I can watch it anytime, due to how much I love the movie, having it just there doesn’t feel like it is mine. I may have paid for it, but that doesn’t mean YouTube is still capable of deleting it. If you really love a certain movie or album by a band: buy a copy and it’s yours forever. Don’t rely on streaming services to preserve your entertainment because there is no guarantee it’ll be there forever. That is why I do not stream (or at least not heavily rely on it that is.)
Finally, a The Power Within by Dragonforce. I decided to buy after listening to it on YouTube. I am guilty of often checking out certain songs and albums there before I decide to purchase. But, with bands that I really love, I like to just buy the album on release and be surprised what it has to offer. I NEVER listen to any leaks before that, unless a single is officially released!
Anyway, this album was the one that I thought I wanted to start with. Right now my favourite tracks are Cry Thunder and Seasons. I might get two other albums next after this one grows on me more.
Alright, that’s it for now, got to get ready for tonight, signing off.

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